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Key features


The power to incorporate ESG factors efficiently

Our technology facilitates a flexible ESG approach

Investors increasingly want to make a difference through sustainable investments and incorporating ESG factors (Environmental, Social, Governance) into their portfolio construction process  


Ability to incorporate data from any vendor

Flexibility to specify ESG criteria - ratings, raw-data,


ESG integration method - bespoke or aligned to
regulatory framework (e.g. CTB, PAB, Article 8/9, etc.)

Full audibility of portfolio to prevent "greenwashing"  

Businessman by a Window

Unlike an ETF or a fund, our platform can place the ultimate ownership of the underlying individual instruments with the asset owner, so the option exists to take take control of company engagement and stewardship

Common strategies

ESG Exclusion


avoid offenders

simple to execute

binary choice

ESG Integration


include ESG factors into investment process


more complex

multiple options to express integration 

Our platform facilitates both approaches

Common challenges

Defining ESG objectives

Ethics vs. return objectives - is there a conflict ?

Preferences with regard to ESG sub-categories

Different methods of implementing ESG into a portfolio strategy

ESG data quality


Ratings dispersion between different ESG data providers is well documented 

ESG research from independent parties is limited

Our platform solves these problems

Eliminates barriers for asset owners to express their ESG preferences in full

Can connect to a variety of data providers and other publicly available sources

Enables independent research and verification


A new vision for ESG

In addition to ethics based considerations or regulatory pressures, investors will benefit from being able to use data and fundamental insights with regard to ESG factors to drive returns going forward


2RSquared provides the ideal tool kit to integrate and research the impact of any type of ESG data on the risk-/return profile of any underlying investment strategy

Our platform provides the analytical framework required for ethical values and portfolio returns to converge efficiently into one seamless approach

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