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We help our partners to succeed

Institutional asset owners

Asset owners

2RSquared's technology platform is a fully outsourced front office asset management solution that empowers asset owners to focus on investment activities in the rules based investment space


We support the trend which many large institutional asset owners have started, i.e. bringing the management of the liquid beta part of their portfolio in-house, thereby reducing the use of third party managers

Our platform provides all supporting activities needed, i.e. data ingestion and management, compute and database infrastructure, the foundational architecture for building and researching investment strategies, integration to trading and booking systems via APIs, and automatic adjustments to ongoing rebalancings incorporating prior trading activity and partial fills


Our technology provides an opportunity to customise the liquid beta part of the portfolio fully aligned with in-house risk/return objectives, building on established market practice, and lowering production cost substantially - thereby enhancing returns for the ultimate beneficiaries

As stakeholders increasingly expect ESG factors to be taken into consideration in conjunction with the management of their funds, our technology offers our partners the ability to research and customise ESG integration at the security level and objectively evaluate the relationships between ESG factors and portfolio risk/return (see IMPACT INVESTING for further details)

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Wealth managers

Wealth managers

2RSQUARED's technology platform enables wealth managers and private banks to offer personalised investment content and high touch service in a cost-effective manner

The solution can be rolled out to wealth clients in multiple ways for different market segments:

  • UHNW/Family offices: bespoke institutional level content, individually designed per client

  • Mass affluent clients: suite of customisable templates, e.g. based on CIO investment themes 

  • Broader retail: 2RSquared platform used to design strategies sold as ETFs or passive funds



Our approach offers our partners the ability to offer a truly differentiated solution in the rules based investment space to their clients


Furthermore, our digital investment technology offers the potential to migrate client assets away from third party-asset-managers and bring them back to an in-house produced solution

This represents a true win-win outcome for the wealth manager and its clients - while the client receives a solution better tailored to their investment objectives at reasonable cost, the wealth manager has substantial scope to improve their production margin

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