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2RSquared successfully concludes $3.3m funding round

9 March 2022

2RSquared has successfully concluded a $3.3m USD equity raise from a group of high-profile private investors.

2RSquared is a UK based fintech focused on providing the next generation of investment design and delivery technology to the asset management and asset owner community.

Our investors include senior figures in the industry with a deep knowledge of the space as well as private entrepreneurs, all of whom share our vision to bring the asset and wealth management industry forward from a product centric push model to a digitally enabled service model focused on the client.

The proceeds of our funding round will be used to roll-out our platform to the global market.

About 2RSquared:

2RSquared's mission is to enable the financial service industry to

● provide retail and institutional investors solutions designed around their specific investment requirements whether ESG, performance, risk or outcome driven;

● employ a new digital model for interacting with clients, both pre and post sale, which provides for deeper transparency, engagement and trust; and

● improve alpha generation by employing a more scientific and faster to market use of data in the investment processes.

We democratise access to this capability by offering our cloud native technology as a service, meaning our users can avoid the expense, time, and risk of building out internal complex technologies and teams.

We leapfrog the design constraints that incumbent financial service providers have, needing to build off legacy internal technologies and we instead apply cutting edge techniques used in true technology industries and apply them imaginatively to financial problems.

The result is discretionary portfolio managers and allocators can now do what previously only quants and data scientists were able to do. We have made the process of generating investment insights from data, researching ideas as well as the design and implementation of investment products multiple times simpler, faster, and much more cost efficient.

Our technology empowers

Discretionary Asset Managers: to employ data more effectively in the investment process and to offer active rules based bespoke solutions to their institutional client base, providing an attractive alternative to specialist ETFs or funds, for example specifically designed ESG products.

Wealth Managers: to design ESG, thematic or outcome driven specialist strategies reflecting their own house view or a client’s specific needs; or to combine multiple external funds together using more sophisticated personalised portfolio construction techniques that go well beyond model portfolios or balanced fund concepts.

Asset Owners: to in-source management of the liquid part of their portfolio and to achieve better whole portfolio risk/return outcomes by customising their liquid exposure and saving fees.

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