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Christian Spieler joins 2RSquared as Senior Adviser

20 September 2022

2RSquared is delighted to announce that Christian Spieler has agreed to join 2RSquared as a Senior Adviser.

Christian is a Senior Corporate Finance and Capital Markets specialist, looking back on a highly successful career spanning 30 years in various leadership roles as a senior capital markets investment banker. Christian is a former board member of Citigroup Global Markets Europe AG and Lehman Brothers Germany. He is currently serving as an External Adviser to Bain & Company.

Raj Amin, CEO of 2RSquared said: “I am delighted that Christian has decided to join 2RSquared and support us in our journey towards developing a ground-breaking technology platform for the investment industry.”

Christian Spieler said: “I am excited to be working with Raj and the team at 2RSquared. I am convinced that 2RSquared’s technology platform LAB will transform many parts of the investment and capital markets industry. The platform’s ease of use combined with its infinite scalability and virtually unlimited compute power will reshape many investment work flows such as e.g. the creation of custom indices. Looking back to my own time as a market practitioner, it is obvious that LAB can facilitate workflow efficiency gains of 90% and more - resulting in massively reduced client response times and substantial reduction of cost. LAB has the clear ability to provide its users with a substantial competitive edge over its peers and drive profitability.”

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