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DIT + Saudi British Joint Business Council choose 2RSquared as delegate for FinTech Mission to Ryadh

14 November 2022

2RSquared has been chosen to join a FinTech trade delegation organised by the UK Department for International Trade (DIT) and Saudi British Joint Business Council (SBJBC) to Ryadh. The delegation is in Ryadh this week.

We are grateful for DIT’s and SBJBC’s recognition of 2RSquared’s technology platform LAB.

What is LAB ?

LAB is a fully integrated Investment Decision Platform for investment managers covering all processes from sourcing investment data to connecting to trading systems and everything in between - including the pre-production stages of investment innovation and product development.

Why use it ?

LAB will transform how investment managers use investment data and digital workflows in their portfolio management and sales process, especially with respect to ESG. LAB's intuitive user experience and inherent automation will result in improved profitability and enhanced returns through enabling more personalised differentiated investment solutions and facilitating a substantial reduction of cost.

Key use cases include:

ESG - integrate any form of ESG data into the existing portfolio management process in a flexible, systematic and auditable way

Production platform - create rules-based investment products fast and cost-effectively (e.g. ETFs, certificates, etc.)

Self-indexing - create customised benchmark indices at much lower cost than traditional index providers

Quantamental - enable investment managers to explore investment data for alpha generation - fast, inter-actively and efficiently


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